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About us

About us

Our mission

Our mental wellbeing is not a solo act, but a collective one


Our mission

Collectively tackling mental well being

Fundamentally misunderstood, often taboo and subject to stereotypes, mental health has become one of the emerging causes of death in the 21st century. The alarming increase in the rate of deaths by suicide, and other self-harming behaviours as well as a lack of mental wellbeing amongst youth aged 10 to 30 years has placed the spotlight on this phenomenon.

On the 28th of July 2018 we lost a son, a brother and a friend, as if a light was taken from the world. Through all the uncertainty of who we must be without him, what must come next, amid all the tears, like a phoenix from the ashes rose the idea of the Yivani Mbali Foundation (YMF).

With the help and support of friends, the many lives touched by Yivani, we honour and celebrate the impactful and short life of Yivani Mbali Ndizana, a South African, young Hiltonian and until July 2018, a special member of the Edinburgh Community.

We bring about this Social Movement - to change the way society views and deals with mental health by creating awareness, identifying and facilitating intervention programmes to skilfully address mental health.

In addition, the Foundation seeks to help identify and highlight the social and structural impediments contributing to mental health in Post-Apartheid South Africa, through psycho-social and other relevant research.


Meet the Team


Thina Siwendu

Co-founder of the Yivani Mbali Foundation


Asante Ndizana

Co-founder of the Yivani Mbali Foundation


Victoria Napier

Co-founder & co-trustee of the Yivani Mbali Foundation

Compassion asks us to go where it hurts, to enter into the places of pain, to share in brokenness, fear, confusion, and anguish.

—Henri Nouwen

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