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Dialogues and Conversations that Matter

The Dialogues are professionally facilitated conversation using the Presencing Model using Theory U ( co -developed by Mr Otto Schammer at MIT and Mr Martin Kalungu- Banda and his wife Aggie who runs Ubuntu Lab). Mr Kalungu- Banda facilitated our First Workshop in March.  He is the Author of Leading Like Mandela and Drifotology.


Building Future Tribes or Tribes for the Future

This program is akin to a “Right of Passage”. It is aimed at providing the space for a shared experience and building stronger social ties. We recognise that Social Media provides “weak -ties” devoid of the bonds required for deep and meaningful social connection and belonging. We aim to assisting young people  transition from High School to University.


Zones of Peace

These are specially designated quiet spaces of Non- Judgment, Inclusiveness, Self and Group Reflection, Introspection and dialogue. They can be used to bring people together to jointly solve unfamiliar problems.  We believe these abilities deepens the Mandela Vision at community and work place level. Ubuntu Lab will help us prototype these Zone of Peace in the New Year.


Psycho-Social Research

We are in discussions with the University of Edinburgh in collaboration with the University of Stellenbosch to help us with on the ground on this phenomenon of Teen Suicide. One of our spokesman have been invited to deliver the Africa Day Lecture this Year on Teen Suicide in Post-Apartheid South Africa. I hope this will have academic appeal and create the basis for the research we desire.



Music, Drama and English Scholarship at Hilton College; Highbury Preparatory School and Kearsney College. Subject to  Funding, MA Economics with Finance Scholarship at Edinburgh University.


Train the Trainer

We want to train and develop young facilitators in this Art of Presencing Dialogue because the model is both self transformation just as it also affects external change.

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