Children's clothing industry ushered in the development of new opportunities

Two children to relax the policy to the children's clothing industry and then hit a needle tonic. Children's clothing market development potential is huge, so many clothing enterprises to become a new force. And through the "comprehensive two" policy announcement and the future implementation, but also for the children's clothing industry has brought new opportunities for development. According to the data show that in 2010 China's infant clothing market has reached 34.8 billion yuan, the next few years, along with the continued growth of China's children's population, infant apparel market will continue to maintain a strong momentum of development. 2013 "separate two" policy announced and implemented since the year 2015, China's infant clothing and daily necessities capacity has reached 227.78 billion yuan.

Children's clothing industry is coming soon

Insiders admitted that the past two years, China's children's clothing development is very fast, this is the normal development of industrial gradient phenomenon, the rapid development of the women's market, the men ushered in a period of rapid development, and now children's clothing into the rapid development period. This is also a concern for people living a change in the phenomenon of a phenomenon.

Economic ability to promote children's clothing spending capacity

In addition, children's clothing replacement cycle is much higher than adult clothing, so the children's clothing market presents a large scale, high profit characteristics, which is adult clothing brand began to get involved in the field of children's wear reasons. "Comprehensive two children" policy liberalization is bound to the children's clothing market is a good news, the current population of China has begun to show aging, the population gradually decreased, while the other side of the investment for children is gradually increasing, this time open two Tire is very beneficial to the market. Children's clothing market size will be due to the birth of two births, when the children's per capita consumption of the season will increase about three times, the market prospects.

Children's clothing industry quality requirements higher

Children's clothing "Nuggets hot" behind the children's clothing market itself is different from the characteristics of adult clothing market, will also put forward a higher demand for business. Domestic children's clothing market seems simple, low threshold, but the actual requirements to do high, because it involves the entire children's clothing quality requirements, technical capacity, children's clothing testing standards and other comprehensive competitiveness. So the brand on the franchisee's assessment standards will be improved.

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